2049 (2021) Review


“2049”, where humans control their destiny through big data, recruited Shao Yuwei and Lin Baihong to starring, and the two played a pair of parents of newborns. Through big data algorithms, it was predicted that the child would become a murderer in the future. Lin Baihong said: “Material Life. It keeps evolving but is there really less trouble? Has the spiritual life really improved?”

Another unit “The Hedgehog Law” is the use of new counseling technology to heal the wounds of life. The two heroines Lin Zixi and Mo Yunwen talk about “2049”, because the two of them often take pictures in the spacious and white counseling room, and they meet by appointment. Directly: “It’s a cold world!” Lin Zixi spanned 2 works this time, first as Lin Baihong’s consultant in “Perfect Prediction”, and then in “The Hedgehog Law” as a professional woman who could not get out of the shadow of being abandoned by her mother. A Strongwoman.

“2049” describes a couple who are increasingly estranged. They try to use a mind-reading device to understand each other, but they are clumsy and powerless due to various temptations and interference around them. It is starring Chen Handian and Li Yijie. Chen Handian said that he can foresee a speed in 2049. Soon, in the era of the information explosion, there was less concern about human interaction, but he used Takeshi Kaneshiro’s famous adage to alert himself, “The faster the world, the slower the heart.”

Wang Boen is a software development engineer with a strong desire for control. Although he has worked with big data algorithms all the time, he does not fully trust the results of big data calculations, and he is convinced that people can control their destiny and change their destiny.

Yao Xiangxuan is a hairstylist with a wavering attitude. After being pregnant with an unplanned child, she was always uneasy. She chose to use big data calculations to predict the child’s future in search of some kind of stability, but she learned more unacceptable results, which made her fall into ethical consequences.

Wu Yuqing is a psychological counselor who needs to rely on drugs to stabilize her emotions. When she was young, she was constantly abandoned by irresponsible mothers. During her adolescence, her heart was chaotic and complicated. The accidental pregnancy with her mother’s boyfriend made her relationship with her mother even more broken, and Yuqing felt more insecure in her intimate relationship.

Li Xia Duo is a seemingly perfect flower shop florist with an empty heart. During adolescence, in order to avenge her mother, she had a complicated relationship with her mother’s boyfriend. She was habitually suspicious and suffocated with a dull marriage. She accidentally discovered that she had the same memory as the strange counselor Yu Qing.

Xia Xiaoyou is a rampant virtual travel designer. “I always say whatever I want to say, and I have a thorough attitude towards everything, especially when it comes to my husband.”, She said. Therefore, she always thinks that she is caring about everything in Dakai, but she is often treated coldly by the other party, so she still does not understand why Dakai does not understand her intentions.

Fu Dakai is a calm and introverted novelist. He was frustrated and frustrated that no publishing house was willing to publish new work. He hoped to get support and comfort from Xiaoyou who admired him, but found that Xiaoyou was deceiving him through the artificial intelligence communication assistant, and he suddenly became suspicious. How much truth is left in the marriage?


  • Drama: 2049
  • Native Title: 影集2049
  • Also Known As: Er Ling Si Jiu, 2049-完美預測, 二O四九, 2049-Perfect Prediction
  • Director: Hsu Li Da
  • Genres: Romance, Drama, Fantasy
  • Country: Taiwan
  • Episodes: 6
  • Airs: Oct 16, 2021 – Oct 23, 2021
  • Airs On: Saturday
  • Original Network: TTV
  • Duration: 25 min.